………………are a close harmony duo based in Beverley in East Yorkshire. Hazel is originally from Scotland and Linda from the Midlands. They began singing together to take advantage of their joint love of traditional folk music and Hazel brought harmonies to the songs that Linda had begun to write. These were inspired by her interest in the demise of the East Coast fishing industry and the people of Hull.


They began singing in folk clubs across the North of England and eventually began performing at Maritime Festivals and Folk Festivals. They have appeared in this country at Warwick Saddleworth, Cleckheaton and Holmfirth Beverley festivals as well as Hull Sea Fever.


They have performed with other artistes such as John Conolly, The Younguns, Dave & Julie Evardson and Grace Notes. They can currently be seen making the occasional collaboration with David Swann a singer songwriter from North Yorkshire.


Now their repertoire extends beyond Linda’s own songs and they have both contemporary and traditional songs in their repertoire all sung with their unique blend of voices.

Hazel Richings Linda Kelly

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